Friday, April 11, 2008

Tip of the day: Sony Rolly Motion Editor installation on English OS

Well, It looks like Rolly isn't popular enough here in States, so the only kind of forum posts I found recommended using a Japanese XP in VMware. Which is fine, except I've got no Japanese XP. After changing system locale failed to affect installer's behavior, next idea was to install a MUI. (Un?)fortunately for me and my remaining diskspace, Japanese MUI for x64 Vista SP1 failed to install, and I had to resort to other ideas. Such as: Tried to decrypt the setup.inx and decompile it with SID And figured that installer wants GetSystemDefaultUILanguage to return 0x411 (Japanese LCID) Step-by step instructions: 1. Run installer under debugger ntsd setup.exe in ntsd console, type:
sxi av a GetSystemDefaultUILanguage mov eax,411 ret g
2. Click next-next-..finish. Update: Batch file for lazy ones. Copy Motion Editor directory to the local disk, place this file inside and run it. Additional software: Rolly needs SonicStage in addition for Motion Editor. Fortunately for all non-Japanese speakers out there, there is an English version of that here. PS. You may also want to install 'support for East Asian languages' in Control Panel/Regional & Language Settings to prevent Japanese characters looking like boxes.