Thursday, May 27, 2010

On bluetooth in 4.0

  • Bluetooth in 4.0 has a couple of new profiles: HID (meh) and.. Braille. Wait, what's exciting about Braille? Two things:
    • It is one of the three services that call OpenSerialPort()
    • It is the only one of them that isn't handled by OS isn't generally handled by the OS, unless you enable some obscure accessibility feature, unlike WiAP and Nike sensor profiles, meaning there are no side effects to connecting the service to arbitrary BT devices with serial profile.


This function:
extern "C" int BTDeviceGetComPortForService(BTDEVICE device, int svcIdOrSmth, char*buf, int cbBuf);
gets the COM pipe (e.g. /dev/ttys003)
Sample code:
Also (still?) works in current 4.1 beta ;)

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